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The biggest fear

14 May

Do you remember when you give away part of that book, you did not want to read the end, and I told you, in the end they both are taken to room 101 separately, but the book only describes what happens to the male character, it put at his worst fear in a way which can not escape in any way exept … Put someone in place and can not be any, can only be one, you have to put it, the woman he loves to face his biggest fear is not invasive, and they do nothing hace.No or the or her, just conform to hear that, that the time enclosed traiciono.Lo have more and release it, depues of last time he meets her again, and speaking of the 101 room she tells him that it also betray, who could not sap as soportarlo.Te said it would end, and that no other thought as that saves me … gave miedo.Vos what my biggest fear, that only you know, in that you were the first and right when you said unica.Tenias unprepared, he was not ready, and only now I can say that my biggest fear is nothing, if I were to choose between my fear and you, opt for my fear, but of course after that I apply my fear there is no way, right, or how I could want, would be consistent with not having betrayed, and I did not think that would put me happy. Before I did not think so, because I was not ready to protect you, now I am willing to submit to my greatest fear for only you, I am.